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From Dadaab to Nairobi

Today is World's AIDS Day. Let us not forget the sufferers of HIV/AIDS especially those in the developing world.

Last night there was a whole lot of planning for WC to go to many places including Dhobley which was back on the schedule for next Friday, there was no talk about security or road condition. I am not sure whether the fighting in Dhobley has ceased or what happened to the Kenyan military sweep of the border. Security in the person of Omar did not offer any insights.

WC was able to ascertain from their visit to Kokar the lack of sanitation facilities and inadequate water supply but the sole MTI representative who went there did not ask whether there would be a physical place for medical care or how security could be ensured for future MTI team, questions that are crucial for the provision of medical relief there. Then it was announced that the next two MTI teams have been canceled and there will not be any medical relief for the month of December. The reasons again are not entirely clear to me but one was offered by a WC staff that there would be no one in the compound from December 22 to January 2 because of the holiday break but it still does not account for the first few weeks of December. I am sure the team that was due to arrive two days from now must have been sorely disappointed. The villagers who have looked to us to provide medical care will not understand why we stop coming. Each time when we went there they seemed to welcome us and were extremely happy to see us. I do hope that the only MTI Kenyan rep will continue to go to the various villagers in December to do clinic.

Sucri the day doorman promised to take care of Yanburi, the cat with the blue eyes whom I found sleeping soundly by the huge water drum. I crept up and touched him on the back which sent him flying off in a fright.

This morning we went to the Dadaab Airport to board the MAF plane to Nairobi. It was completely full and one of the passengers sat in the co-pilot seat. I had to leave a day early because there is no guarantee of a seat on the ECHO flight tomorrow. As we went down the runway and up in the air, the plane made a sharp turn in the opposite direction of our usual helicopter flight heading towards Nairobi.

My sick teammate left yesterday for home having recovered quickly from her brief illness but Jim, our leader who accompanied her remained in Nairobi to meet the next team to brief them. Having heard that they will not be coming he plans to change his flight to leave as well. I will remain in Nairobi for a couple of days before flying home.

As I took walks around the neighborhood I saw signs offered by "doctors" to solve various life troubles. If these doctors had such powers they would have been very rich by now and would not have to advertise to attract fresh clients!

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