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Last Day in Haiti and the Morning by the Caribbean Sea

Feb 7, 2010

Got up around 5:15 am to get ready to go to the bus station. Poussant came early and I said good-bye to August, Jeanne, Jack and Jim. Gale was still sleeping, I think. We walked by Ted sleeping on the front path.

There was already a queue when we arrived at 6:15 am. Along the way in Delmar, we saw the many destroyed homes including a police station where over 200 police officers were killed. There were numerous tent cities sprouted all over the cities.

The bus wound its way through a market and it took about two hours to get to the border. Unfortunately there we were stuck for close to 3 hours at the border crossing. We were finally on our way to the DR which seemed to be a lot cleaner than Haiti. I spent a night in a hotel.

Feb 8, 2010

To my surprise my run this morning took me to the Caribbean Sea, it was the nicest run I had since I came down here.

Please continue to visit my website for the Paris Marathon:

I'll be back to my comfortable home but I'll take my memories of Haiti with me. There are numerous people who have very little and are confronting hardship every day of their lives. I'll also remember people such as Gale who works tirelessly and selflessly to better the lives of these people. Do visit the website of Partners in Development: and

Ted, the fuel relief person who has a website,

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