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Looking for a Place to Set Up Bon Repos Clinic

Today we went to visit Dr. Margaret Blaise's Clinic, a pediatrician who was enthusiastic about giving a space for us in her clinic once a week to run a clinic for the people at Bon Repos. Her house was damaged by the earthquake and she was living in the clinic. She barely escaped being crushed by the water tower that would have landed on her and her car as she pulled away from the parking space just before the earthquake hit.

In the afternoon Kerline and I visited the school that was damaged by the earthquake, its space was to be used by her women who were to go to school after hours. We went across the street to visit the camp that housed some of the inhabitants who lost their homes. It was very hot and no one was at the camp. There were a couple of people with broken limbs in cast sitting in a car and wishing that they had some pain medications. We went back and found some for them.

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