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As humans, we all want to have meaning in our life. What is it like to have no home, no peace, no security, no hopes, and no country? For many refugees, this is all they know. If we do not care, we become irrelevant.

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The Girl Who Taught Herself to Fly

Born into an impoverished Chinese family of two boys and ten girls right at the heel of the end of the Second World War and the Japanese occupation, in the British Straits Settlement of the Island of Penang filled with many Chinese immigrants, the author’s father considered girls as useless, as they could not carry on with the family name once they were married, effectively ending the family line. To the Chinese immigrants, educating girls was like throwing money away, and often they took them out of school to help the family earn an income, or to be married off through arranged marriages. These girls were soon burdened with child-bearing and rearing, with no hope of getting out of the status quo.

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Into Africa, Out of Academia

A Doctor's Memoir

In 2006, Kwan Kew Lai left her full-time position as a professor in the United States to provide medical humanitarian aid to the remote villages and the war-torn areas of Africa. This memoir follows her experiences from 2006 to 2013 as she provided care during the HIV/AIDs epidemics, after natural disasters, and as a relief doctor in refugee camps in Kenya, Libya, Uganda and in South Sudan, where civil war virtually wiped out all existing healthcare facilities.

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