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Day 8: Saturday, December 11, 2010, Out of Haiti

Last night Fabian told us that there might be a possibility of a UN chopper taking us out to Port-au-Prince, time unknown for security reason.Apparently the UN chopper would be delivering IV fluids and could take us back on their return trip.

This morning I went to the ICU to round which most likely would be our last round. Mary rounded in the step-down unit.

When I went back to the Mission, I learned that we were expected in the heliport at Port-de-Paix in 30 minutes, that would seem impossible given that the trip would take an hour and half under the best circumstances. Since the rain, the roads were filled with pools of water and we did get into marketing time and hence traffic jam. All the way we prayed and hoped that the UN chopper would wait for us. When we finally arrived at the razor wired UN compound, we saw the chopper still parked in the heliport. Fabian said, "Thank you, Jesus."

We flew to Port-au-Prince and from there boarded a small airplane to the Dominican Republic, arranged by Ted at the PAP airport. We left our mission a day earlier than planned and I fervently hope that there would be other people coming to help with the cholera epidemic. For now we have no idea how the epidemic is going to evolve.

This was my first Disaster response trip with Medical Teams International and I felt very honored to be asked and to be part of the team. I wished we could have stayed longer and helped out in this desperate situation. I do hope that the outbreak would ease for the sack of the people of Haiti.

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