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Screaming in Pain

It seems here in Bong County, Ebola continues to create havoc.

I have been on night shifts now for four nights and saw Aaron being reduced from a talking walking young man to an invalid lying helplessly in bed in pampers, groaning and screaming with pain with the slightest move. At first he insisted on standing up albeit with a great deal of help to ease himself. Two nights ago he did just that and then projectile diarrhea followed suit, it was really hard to watch him attempting to sit or squat but ending up half standing. Last night he was lying in bed in pampers, eyes closed, groaning in pain when touched, burning up with a high fever. He has been having a rigid belly for a couple of days now; it would seem something more serious is going on there besides just ileus. We have started him on antibiotics but what he really needs most is pain relief. For weeks now we have been requesting for analgesics more potent than a mere paracetamol. Most patients suffer from excruciating abdominal, chest and other musculoskeletal pain from the EVD and we are unable to provide relief. Early this morning when we did our 5 am round, the scream that came from him when he was being changed was particularly hard to listen to.

Prince continues to bleed from both ends and has begun to be combative while mom has bloody diarrhea. The ambulance crew plans to go out to their village to round up more sick relatives.

Kamah and Gomai have the deer in the headlight expression; with Kamah constantly picking at her bed sheet and both mumbling incoherently.

Gomah across the hall was gurgling but unconscious, I gave her some Lasix but she was really reaching her end and in the early morning she slipped away.

Watta whose baby died has cleared her virus. She looks very anemic and will go home with some iron.

Grubo who lost two of her children is recovering very nicely along with her son, Peter, whose Ebola test is now negative. He developed a swollen knee and a fever. We started him on antibiotic but not at all sure whether this is an infection or some form of reactive arthritis. He was tested for malaria last night but it turned out negative. It was good to see mother and son sitting outside in the evening enjoying “Ninja Turtle” movie after their horrific experience with Ebola.

Another night ended in the ETU fighting against Ebola not knowing who has the upper hand.

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