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2023, Year in Review

2023 is fast coming to an end. It is always sad and nostalgic to say goodbye to an old year, feeling that time has slipped by. Inevitably, a new year follows suit.

The highlight of 2023 was my 15-day trek to Everest Base Camp in April. Ruth Thompson wrote about my adventure in, "Belmont physician, 72, makes successful climb to Mount Everest Base Camp". There are some fantastic pictures.

Following closely with the publication of my third book, my memoir, The Girl Who Taught Herself to Fly, I continued with a series of book discussions and signings at the Asian American club of Belmont High School, Concord Free Library, Wayland Free Public Library (link to a video recording), Weston Public Library, the Undergraduate English Literature Student Association of Boston University, Belmont Chinese American Association AAPI Heritage Month Speaker Series, and virtual ones with Wendy Reads It, Mid-Hudson Wellesley College Club, and W3A Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance.

Author Annalisa Crawford interviewed me about a writer's life.

I spent five weeks researching how to record an audiobook for The Girl Who Taught Herself to Fly and recorded it after converting Charles's closet to a recording studio and many hours of recording and editing. Take a listen.

There are a few more promo codes if you want to send your friends to my website.

Writing and occasional dabbling in painting fill up my time. I would really like to volunteer more but there have not been opportunities to do so.

Publications: published a flash fiction: Serena, in print not yet online. On Book Events: The time has come, to talk of many things: Of book events—and signing—Of Margaret Atwood—and Stephen King—

Vine Leaves Press 50GOT: The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Synapses: Healthcare in War-Torn Yemen: First-Hand Experience, a non-fiction piece about my experiences in Yemen. It tells about how the war affects the healthcare personnel, the infrastructure, and medical supplies to the detriment of ordinary people, mostly children under the age of five who die daily because of malnutrition.

Vine Leaves Press Spill It: Think you have a tough time in this world? My piece on Afghan girls and women's fight for the right to be educated and work to determine their future, in short, to be recognized and to live as humans with equal rights.

Aloka Magazine, two flash fiction: Serena and The Payphone. Hiking at a High Altitude with the Right Attitude at Age 72: Everest Base Camp, Nepal.

Paintings: Wild Spring Awakening: The Wild Nocturnal Cat. Belmont Gallery of Art, May 13-June 9.

Humming Bird.

In the news: Wellesley College 100, my alma mater features a small in their admission brochure.

This year, we started our travels in Vietnam, from Hanoi, Han Long Bay to Hoi An, the Lantern city, Hui, and Ho Chih Minh City. I was in Ho Chih Minh City seventeen years ago volunteering for HIV/AIDS. Then we hopped over to Taiwan to celebrate Charles and Mel's marriage with a wedding banquet with Mel's relatives. Mel's parents took us on a tour of Taipei, Beitou Hot Spring where I had a daily soak in the hot tub, Alishan National Forest, such a magical place, Sun Moon Lake, and Yangmingshan.

In the summer, Scott and I visited Tim, Ju-Lin, and the twins, Luke and Sam, celebrating their second birthday in Fairbanks, Alaska. We had numerous visits with Huck, our third Grandson, he proved to be a world traveler, crisscrossing the country and across the pond to the Netherlands. Cara and James are taking him to Uganda in January.

After Fairbanks, Scott and I went to the Aleutians Islands. I hiked up Mt. Ballyhoo on Dutch Island or Unalaska and then boarded the Alaskan Marine Highway Ferry up the Aleutians Chains. a journey worth taking. It almost felt like we were at the end of the world.

We spent a week at Wellfleet, Cape Cod, and the Acadia National Park.

We Look forward to getting together this Christmas except for Charles and Mel who will return to Taiwan to visit with relatives.

We will pray for peace in our troubled world and for all the millions of refugees and internally displaced people.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.

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