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There has been no damage in the airport so my flight took off from the Tribhuvan International Airport with only a slight delay. I headed towards Doha, Qatar, late in the night, temperature was 37 degree C! I took a while to get to Musherib Hotel in the city, a hotel with all the trimmings of a western-styled accommodation. Outside my window, buildings and excavations were going on all night, for a moment I thought it was an aftershock when noises made by the construction were loud.

Outside was bright and steaming even before six in the morning. I saw no one of the female persuasion on our way back to the airport. Only a few trees dotted the stark cityscape. Near the airport, more green bushes, flowering trees, and palm trees lined the highway with the Persian Gulf glistening nearby.

When I left Boston for Nepal, it was primavera and there were early spring flowers and the trees were just budding with the imperceptible buds which seem to grow a few centimeters overnight. Upon my return home the leaves have grown bigger and spring has sprung. The merry month of May, my favorite month of the year, is almost half over. Still I must be thankful for all the beauty that I can still enjoy, counting my blessings for all that life has given me, ever mindful of the innumerable people all over the world who face inordinate amount of suffering, not knowing what their next day may bring.

Azalea and Lilac in My Garden

Spring is the beginning of new life and the renewal of hope. Let us hope it is so for so many people in the world who confront adversities and uncertainties every day of their life.

Kuchi welcomes Me Home

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