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A Trip to Jordan, Syrian Refugees

I just returned from Jordan volunteering with the Syrian refugees under @IMANA. The days were long but rewarding. All in all, we saw close to 1500 patients in one week.

After that I traveled by myself all over Jordan, visiting the desert castles, Jeresh, Nebo Mountain, floating in the Dead Sea, and the famous Petra, rode a camel in Wadi Rum, watched the sunset and sunrise in the desert, and hiked up the Um Fruth Rock Bridge, and snorkeled and swam in the Red Sea in Aqaba.

My book, The Girl Who Taught Herself to Fly makes the reading list of Clmp, the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses for Women's History Month.

I still have promo codes for the audiobook, message me if you need one.

Have a happy March.

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