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A Vist to Leogane

This morning I came back in the middle of my run to put the rain flyer over my tent as it started to drizzle. But then it stopped.

We spent the morning at Blanchard to sort out medications and supplies for the three clinics that we will be running on Wednesday: Blanchard, Bon Repos and Martisa. The last will be our traveling clinic which Kim and I will run. The construction people were already hard at work building shelves and tables for the clinic at Blanchard. It was difficult to think above the noise.

In the afternoon, Rick, Darleen, Kelly, Robert, Charley and I chose to go to visit Leogane with Poussant driving us. Rick, Robert, Kelly and I took turns riding in the back of the jeep which wasn't very comfortable because of the bumpy road. we drove through Cite Soliel, Carrefour and several other cities before reaching Leoghan. The road was scarred with several big cracks from the earthquake. Leogane was quite devastated with many buildings destroyed but the effect was less dramatic than Port-au-Prince because it is less densely populated here. In the country, many of the small quaint homes were standing and it was good to see some open green spaces and the mountains in the distance and the air was also cleaner. There was still the ubiquitous garbage but much less.

On the way home, Kelly wanted to visit the guest house that she lived in. It was partly destroyed and buried at least five guests whose remains were still under the rubbles. It was a rather somber moment for all of us.

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