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The Rain Came

It had been a hard week but I was sad that today would be my last day at Blanchard. Rick, Maria, Benite and I would run the clinic at Blanchard closing Bon Repos Clinic for the day.

The man brought his son with the hole in the heart back to the clinic, hoping that something could be done. Again I gave his name to Gale. Maria asked me to see a patient of hers with probable otitis externa maligna. The woman had been suffering for awhile. We did the best we could with the antibiotics that we had. Rick sew up a nasty cut over the eye-brow of a little boy and I saw a man with chronic osteomyelitis or bone infection.

I said good-bye to the staff at Blanchard...

In the evening another team joined us split between medical and construction people.

In started to rain, the first rain since I came to Haiti. Thankfully it was not heavy otherwise it would present a tremendous hardship for the many people who live in their make-shift tents that would not withstand a rain-storm. The rain stopped when we were getting ready for bed. It was good to pull off the rain flyer and watched the sky and the full moon while lying in my tent my last night in Haiti.

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