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Building a Tent

This morning I saw a young lady with a Colles' fracture which she sustained during the earthquake. She went to seek medical attention but because the wait was so long that she left. She had lived with the fracture without taking any pain medications. Poussant took her and the lady who had her jaw clipped shut to a hospital but was told that they could do nothing for them. The lady with her jaw clipped shut was not a priority! She came back very despondent. I continued to place her name on Gale's list.

In half a day I saw over 30 patients. We ended clinic at 2 in the afternoon.

I took a walk towards the area where PID houses were, Simon showed me the way. The construction people were preparing the floor of a new house under construction. Across the PID houses was piece of land with several tents. A young boy was building a tent using sheets, plastics and cardboard, nailing the cardboard using a stone as a hammer.

I was glad it was a short day!

It was the last night for some of the team members so we took a group picture.

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