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Back to Blanchard Clinic

Got up to run for 70 minutes, it was rather hot and humid and running in this kind of condition was very difficult. I was glad it was over.

Rick and Charley would be running the Bon Repos Clinic as they had been doing, the left Darleen, Kelly and I going to Blanchard. It was good to be back and be welcomed by Genwa, Esther, Gretchen, Benite, Woodman, John...

The woman with the bad wound in her calf came back for a dressing change, she abandoned her cane and walked in without a limp. She did not complain of pain when her wound was being cleaned.

The lady with the stroke and lived in the tent right outside the clinic recovered quite a bit and now was able to sit up in a chair and eat. She had a very supportive and caring family, now she needed to get good nutrition.

Another team came this evening, a mixture of medical and construction people. The place was busy again.

In the late evening, Ted, the fuel person came back with his daughter, Rachalle. When I did Katrina relief in Biloxi, Mississippi, the people who came back repeatedly to do relief work were called the Boomerangs. So Ted and I were the Boomerangs at least at this point in time.

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