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Life's Simple Pleasures

It rained last night and dawn brought in another bright and sunny day. There were white puffy clouds over the ocean but no signs of dark rain clouds. The Monsoon season had been kind so far. The week before we came rain fell for twenty-four hours and clinic had to be cancelled.

I found a number of boxes of colored pencils in the guesthouse and brought them to give to the children. Fatema came in flashing her happy smile, she had on a bright yellow dress with a headband bearing a flower. She had also adorned her face with some yellow powder, a make-up of sort, obviously shy but pleased with herself. When she was presented with a pack of colored pencils she grinned from ear to ear, hugging it as she walked out turning around to flash me her radiant smile. Such simple things could bring so much joy in the little ones.

Someone found a stack of cute knitted animals among the boxes of medicines in the pharmacy; apparently an older woman decided to knit them to give to the Rohingya children, since she could not make the trip, she would want to do something to bring joy to their lives.

Muhammad and Monarek came in with their mother, she was concerned that Muhammad had been falling without warning for the last two years and recently these falls had become more frequent. On further questioning, it seemed that these falls were followed by seizure activities. We decided to send him for consultation with a pediatrician in MSF. Monarek was fine. Before they left I was handed two of the knitted creatures to give to the children; they were over the moon with them, the knitter should have seen this.

Walking on the beach this evening with the sun setting through the forever present clouds over the horizon, the latter had the upper hand.

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