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Second Trip to Haiti

I came back from Haiti on February 8th and the next day I went for a 16-mile run along the Charles. The crisp air was just wonderful for running. As I ran by the comfortable and peaceful homes of Belmont, never having to dodge obstacles on the sidewalks other than paying attention to the the bumps on the path, I felt a tremendous amount of guilt for having left Haiti. However I really had no choice as I had to come back to work. In the back of my mind I knew I had to go back and soon.

When I learned that American Airlines would be flying to Port-au-Prince on February 19, I made every effort to get a flight into PAP for my second visit to Haiti. Initially all the seats were sold but eventually I was lucky to find an easy flight to PAP. Gale told me that she would like me to come again and I was really looking forward to going back. Gale's daughter Tali would be on the same flight from Miami to PAP.

So I left Boston at 3:30 in the morning heading for Haiti...

Poussant was at the airport and I met Tali and Robert. Robert was in construction and was in charge of giving us clean water through a solar powered water filtering machine.

We drove to Blanchard Clinic and there was a lot of screaming and hugging as this was Tali's return after five years of absence and I surprised the clinic people with my return. Benite was really happy that I came back...

We went to Bon Repos Clinic which was on the second floor of a building. It was quite airy and the three rooms were quite large for a clinic. Rick, the retired ER doctor who had been there for close to three weeks said," Why did you come back? You silly person." It was good to be back.

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