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The Boy with Double Vision and the Woman in Labor

This morning we were to send Samuel who had the double vision to Mediciens san Frontiers Hospital to see if he could get his vision corrected. Unfortunately Poussant had trouble with his car and this did not happen. Later we learned that Ted was bale to bring him to the hospital run by Medishare and he might still get his surgery. By now his fracture had healed and if they had to do surgery they had to refracture him and correct his ocular muscle dysfunction.

The guinea fowls from next door were lining up on top of a tall wall gathering up courage to jump down to Auguste's yard. They sure make a raucous noise every morning, all the fowls finally flew off the wall except for the white one which took a long time before it finally flew down to join the whole gang.

Blanchard Clinic was busy. The woman with the calf injury came back for the last time to get her dressing changed and to say good-bye. Her wound was almost healed and she was to leave for Leogane where she lives. She was visiting her daughter in Blanchard where the earthquake happened. She hugged us and blew us kisses as she left. It was all worth it to see her so happy.

Rick and Kelly were called to help a woman in labor at one of the village make-shift camp sites. When they got there the woman was just in the beginning of her labor. The mid-wife came and she immediately took charge. We later learned that she delivered all eight of her children by herself. Nothing beats personal experience. Rick and Kelly left the camp and the mid-wife; the woman delivered her baby later in the afternoon.

We saw a young lady with blindness in one eye and her other eye was also slowly losing her vision. I wasn't entirely sure what the cause of her blindness. Her blood glucose was normal. We took down her name in the hope of referring her to an eye doctor.

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