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The Houses that PID Built

Gale and I left early again this morning with Dawn, the woman from Texas who came with 1500 pounds of donations, mainly old clothing, shoes, ensures, depends, wipes, powder, lotions, toothpaste, soaps...

About 50 odd US soldiers came to the clinic, perhaps for security reason. It seemed that Gale requested their presence because of a minor disturbance earlier in the week. One of the soldiers carried a man with a nasty cut in his foot. It took me some time to clean and dress it. We had no tetanus vaccine to offer him. Bennet, my interpreter and I worked well together.

In the late afternoon John took me for a tour of the PID houses. A group of children were calling "Blanche", and it finally dawned on me that they were calling any foreigners "Blanche" just as the children in Africa calling out "Mzungu". The PID house is a two-room house with a small front and backyard equiped with electricity. A lean to was built by the owner to serve as a kitchen. All the 40 houses built by PID withstood the earthquake. The children were busy at the well pumping water.

Samuel came in the evening to get his dressing changed. His vision seemed worse and his conjunctiva was red and we had no antibiotics. The fact that he had double vision made me think that his eye muscles were not moving freely. I advised him to visit the Israeli Hospital as I did not wish for him to lose his eye sight.

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