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The Woman Who Had Not Eaten for 4 Days

After my short run, as usual we did not leave on time. I took the opportunity to take down my tent and pack my sleeping bag, getting things ready to depart early tomorrow morning. I felt sorry that I was about to leave. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to come down here to help and I hope I did.

Day four of our clinic at Carrefour. Marcelin's family cooked food for the patients today. It was rice and beans with chicken.

In the afternoon we saw an old woman who complained of pain under her breast bone. Over the last few days we saw plenty of patients with the same complaint. It dawned on me that she must be having hunger pangs since her pain was gone after she ate her lunch. Before today her last meal was 4 days ago. Gabeson, my interpreter felt so sorry for her that he fetched several energy bars and a bottle of water, the woman took them gratefully and packed them in her little bag. There must be so many out there hungry and thirsty.

Gale told us that in less than 2 weeks that we were there, we saw 1331 patients, not counting the people that showed up on our door steps to be seen in the mornings and evenings that we were home.

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