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To Market

On my run this morning I saw a family living under a tarp slung over a horizontal tree trunk by the side of a road. They were drying their clothes on the branches of tree and fences, children sitting on mats looking kind of forlorn. One called out “Kawachi!” It makes me wonder whether life in one of the isolated rural areas may be better than being homeless in the middle of a bustling city.

Anthony our driver failed to show up yet a second time. He had said that he would come at nine in the morning to show us Jubatown but I did not believe him. After over two hours of waiting in vain for him, we took the matatu (minibus) to Custom and drove by the burial ground of John Garang, the leader of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M). The car park is situated in a market. Later we took another matatu to Konyokonyo Market. On our way we saw the other parts of University of Juba which seemed to be better kept but we could only view it from afar from the matatu. The Konyokonyo Market was enormous and sprawling with many men selling meat and women selling fresh produce, spices in addition to the usual clothes, shoes, electronics and millions of cell phones. There is definitely a glut of China-made goods.

This being one of our last days in South Sudan, we threw caution to the wind and had a local fare at the market of fish gravy, salad and “kissera” which is like injera in Ethiopia but made form maize rather than teff flour. Then we walked back to the compound of World Relief in the hot sun without Anthony’s help.

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