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Visit to Carrefour, the Epicenter of the Earthquake

I was on schedule for a 15 mile run but Gale told us that we would be leaving between 8 and 9 am. This time I ran past the border of Bon Repos and ended up in more deserted area but there were still areas of garbage and rubbles even beyond the town border. I only managed to do a 10-mile run. Running in Haiti was not easy, the air is very polluted and the dust is dense, I was sure it wasn't very healthy.

We left around 11 am! Susie left early this am with a 9 month-old baby, the parents wanted her to take the baby to the US to be away from the chaotic situation in Haiti. I wasn't sure it was a good idea to separate a nursing baby from her mother.

On the way to Carrefour, we saw tents set up in the medium strip of the road, hardly any space for the children to play. Gale spoke to the director of an orphanage, 56 of the 150 children died in the earthquake, she and her husband buried these 56 children in two separate graves in the back yard. Now the orphans slept in big tents on the street.

We saw the empty house that would serve as our new clinic at Carrefour. It was fairly big and seemed quite suitable for our needs. We hope to start our first session next Wednesday.

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