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A Quiet Day at the Clinic After the Departure of Another Convoy

Today being Thursday another convoy of seven buses carrying about 500 refugees to Rwangmangi Camp. The boarding seemed to go quite smoothly and mats and blankets were distributed. The chicken also boarded with its owner making some complaining clucking noises. It was one well traveled chicken. Abdullah, our driver drove the ambulance bringing up the rear of the convoy. In the ambulance was seated a Congolese woman whose husband was killed by the rebels or so I was told and she was gang-raped by twenty rebels. When she arrived at the camp she was still bleeding. Red Cross is training some of the Ugandan nurses on gender-based violence and how to approach this issue of rapes as many women prefer to remain silent especially the young ones.

The rest of the morning we saw mainly Ugandan nationals in the clinic and a spattering of refugees who just arrived or remained in the transit camp. There were not many sick ones and there was also an immunization clinic for the Ugandan babies. In the afternoon, having lost our driver to the convoy, we walked to the transit camp and hitched a ride with the UNHCR vehicle to Kisoro. A few of the remaining children followed us around including a little girl who carried her sibling who was half her size. The baby was terrified of the Mzungus.

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