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Back to Bentiu

We had maize porridge and tea for breakfast, it was quite good. The sun was fierce even before nine o’clock. We walked to the market in town and on the way saw a herd of pigs, caked with dried mud seeking precious little shade that was to take a mid-morning nap. This semi-desert area is no place for pigs, especially as the mosque, the only landmark here that seems a permanent structure is close by, the rest of the structures are of straw, mud, reeds, tarp, plastic and flaps of metal sheeting. Scavio had some banking to do and it took over an hour just to accomplish that, there were long lines here and security was in the form of an armed guard. I stayed inside taking advantage of the air condition while Bonnie was offered a chair by the guard and she sat outside. A sidewalk vendor was selling used clothes shipped from the western world: pants, shirts, warm jackets and various sleepers for children, such warm garments for the heat here. There were a few tuk-tuks around town. We walked through the market baked in the noon sun, many vendors simply sat under the sun displaying bags of rice, salt, sugar, bags of consomme for sale. Many though had a shed selling clothes, shoes, flip-flops, clogs, belts, bags…The heat really deflated us and all we wanted was to get back to our home at World Relief. There although it was stifling, at least we were shielded from the direct sun.

The “resident cat” meowed loudly demanding lunch, we surreptitiously fed her some meat but she also ate some lentils and rice. She was content. Although she was young she looked like she was pregnant. Later in the day some drops of rain fell, for a while I was optimistic that it would rain but it was just a tease. It did cool off somewhat. We had a meeting with Rose, the Director of Health and Nutrition for WR and we spoke about the medicines and supplies that should be looked for in preparation for the volunteers who will follow us. We found a job for our resident cat; she could be the resident cat for Baow Camp taking care of the creatures living in the supply room especially the mice that live among the boxes.

A cool breeze blew gently. Somewhere close by it must have rained.

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